Aug 6, 2006

You've Got Mail

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I love the movie You've Got Mail and always will. I was worried about having a bored and lonely night, but an hour on the phone wandering the streets of Provo with Emilee followed by an hour on the phone wandering the streets of Provo with Nishi followed by an hour on the couch with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks watching select scenes will leave me going to bed feeling quite satisfied.

My favorite theme that runs throughout is the "I could never be with someone who..." theme. Frank says he could never be with someone who doesn't take politics as seriously as he does. And he's totally right. He's the sort that couldn't. But Kathleen says she could never be with someone who owned a boat, but it still plenty pleased that she ends up with Joe and suddenly a boat isn't that important. And of course there's the Kathleen and Joe hating each other because of their business, but then eventually falling in love even though they never dreamed that would've happened in the beginning. And all the things that people think should matter but don’t really (“Maybe he’s fat. Yep, he’s a fatty.” “I don’t care about that.”) Or how people are looking for different things (“I just need to find someone new, that’s all. That’s the easy part.” “Oh right. A snap to find the single person in the world that fills you soul with joy.” “Don’t be ridiculous. Have I ever been with anyone that fits that description? Have you?”)

Anyway, it may be a cheesy romantic comedy to most, but I’m always up for it. And I cry practically every time when Kathleen closes her store and then again at the very end when she finally realizes that Joe is NY152. Ah, what a movie.

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