Aug 29, 2006

Fashion Police: Emmy Edition 2006

Note: I've spent what feels like my entire life trying to get the pictures to line up with the captions. When I first put it together it was perfect, but then when I checked on it at work it was off, so I edited it there and then it was perfect. But then it wasn't at home again. I thought it was a computer difference, but I've just realized that the difference is that I use Firefox at home and Explorer at work. Because if I open it with Internet Explorer, it's fine on this computer. So if it's not working for it with Internet Explorer.

I know it's an artificial and ridiculous world, but the red carpet is way too fun to ignore. So, without further thoughts on Sunday's Emmy Awards. Meaning the fashion, of course. Because I really don't care about the awards.

The biggest trend I noticed was purple was EVERYWHERE. It's a good color (rich and fresh, but not "I'm making a statement" bold) that we haven't seen much of in the last few years. And a color that I personally own none of though I would like to. I've been on a quest to find the perfect purple top for a few months now...but that's a different story. At the Emmys, the color is pulled off best by the gorgeous Evangeline Lilly.

Oh, Sandra Oh. At first I thought that I hated the ruffles at the top of her dress, but then I realized that without the chunky necklaces, the ruffles would be just fine. It's the over-accessorizing that kills her here. If the dress is frilly...don't put accessories with all. Simplification, please!

Melanie Lynskey was just plain pretty. There was perhaps nothing terribly special about her outfit, but it was classy and feminine and flattering. And her hair looks fabulous and pulls together the whole look perfectly.

Now I realize it's a tough battle to dress yourself fashionably when pregnant. The world of empire waists is a tough one to navigate (I'm recalling a certain empire-waisted dress I wore in 10th grade to church and a little girl came up to me and asked me if I was pregnant because I "looked fatter than normal"). However...the empire-waisted Jedi robe is not the choice for you, Gillian Anderson. Please. Oh man...what a disaster.

Can someone explain to me the jeweled smiley face on Cheryl Hines' back? Perhaps if this were a figure skating competition, I could stomach it, but...

Now many will disagree with me when it comes to Jeremy Piven's outfit. I loved it. Men's fashion is a boring world, and sometimes a polka-dot ascot is just the spice needed. He's able to be different without going overboard. I will agree that the stubble and mussed hair is a little informal for the event, but he's just so attractive with the stubble that I'll forgive him.

Best Dressed award from me goes to Mary Lynn Rajskub. This dress is perfect: simple and pretty and flattering. Just different enough to be unique (texture!), but not weird in any way. My only complaint is she ought to have worn her hair down. It would've been a better match for the dress as well as added something to her bare neck and shoulders which ought to have something going on when the dress is so close to flesh-colored.

Vanessa Minnillo looked awful. Seriously...she must have a stylist out there...why wasn't this stopped? The Vegas showgirl look is only the beginning of her trouble here. The fit is horrid. Seriously...I'm sure she can afford better than this...and she can't possibly think that the tight around the thighs, but ballooning out from the stomach is a good did this happen?

Okay, well I keep on finding pictures of other outfits I want to talk about, but I really ought to go to bed now. So this will have to be it.

And I've just now noticed that the three dresses I've picked for the "good" category all have the same neckline...apparently I like that look. If I were staying up any longer, I would go find a couple more good looks that don't have that neckline to make things more varied and then I'd have to go and find a few more bad ones (and there are certainly ones I could discuss...bad fashion example standbys like Paula Abdul are always around)...and really I'm tired, so this is it.


Dan Gillis III said...

did gillian anderson just graduate?

Anonymous said...

um how come you didn't tell me you had a blog? and you can't judge gillian because she has kissed david duchovny...and that is more than i can say for most people