Aug 4, 2006

Shoes, Glorious Shoes

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I came to a dreadful realization a few days ago. I'm missing a pair of shoes. A pair of tan strappy heels, to be more precise. A pair of really great tan strappy heels that I can't believe I've been missing for so long and didn't notice because they definitely would've been a very nice addition to my summer wardrobe to be even more precise.

I have no idea where they could be. I'm pretty positive I lost them before The Great De-Shoeing of 2006 (June 20th), becaues I would've remembered them participating in that event.
The Great De-Shoeing of 2006 is when I got all of my shoes (total: 30 pair...which should've been 31...where are those shoes?) and got rid of half of them. That's right. Half. Some I was sad to see leave, but I'm doing fine without them all. And my closet is far less cluttered. And let's be honest, a lot of those I only wore a few times anyway. I can still account for the fifteen pair I got rid of:

5 to the trash
4 to Goodwill
3 to Jenny
2 to my mother
1 to Melissa

I would describe each pair (those gotten rid of and those kept) and the debate that went into each of them that day (it's a serious business okay?), but let's be honest, nobody but me cares.

Tim: I'll admit it, I'm obsessed with Cougar football.
Lady on the bus (looking at me): Is that okay with you?
Me: Well, I'm certainly not obsessed, but I enjoy it, so it's totally fine.
Tim: Now if only I felt the same way about shoe shopping.

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