Apr 18, 2007

Two Questions:

1) What sort of music do street Latinos listen to? Your typical urban music is very black. Is that what Latinos listen to, too? Or do they have their own rap and hip hop and we just don't hear it because it's in Spanish? All I can think of when I think of Hispanic music is not very street: mariachi bands and Enrique Iglesis.

2) In the history of airtravel, has anyone's life actually been saved by the fact that their seat cushion can be used as a flotation device?

1 comment:

Rachael said...

So I'm guessing you're home? Did you get rained out?

And as for your thoughts:

1) Yes, they do have their own kind of street music, and you can hear it some of the Mexican stations. I heard it all the time because one of my fhe brothers used to be a Mexican street thug in LA(really). He and his roommate who just thought he was Mexican played it all the time. It got old. As rap does after a short time.

2) I doubt it.