Apr 5, 2007


Lately this blog has been mostly a forum for me to write ambitious draft posts that I never finish. I just can't pay attention to any subject long enough to post anything.

I've started and re-vamped one about Cheney coming to BYU so many times but haven't had the energy to make something worth reading. It'll come sometime before commencement, I expect, but then the topic will have been so over-discussed by that point that my view won't be worth much. I'd rather write something well than something timely, though. And that post about what a crazy/awesome month April is going to be will never be posted, because we'll be too far into April for it to be do-able.


Tony Shaw said...

By the way, I was rallying with the Republicans yesterday with some of my friends and a guy interviewed me for the Daily Herald or something like that. Cool, huh?

Anonymous said...

I actually did the same thing this morning. I started writing about it all and then just deleted it. maybe you can write something i love, i'll post it with quotation marks around it and then say amen at the end...sound good?