Jul 20, 2006


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So I’m back in Provo. Living in Centennial again, that paradise of apartment complexes.

One of my roommates, Melody, was in my FHE group last year. When we first met as roommates we both kind of went “You look familiar…well we were in the same ward…I guess that’s it.” Then that morning we look at each other and both of us suddenly flood, “Oh! You were the one that had been skinny dipping in the RB pool!!! How could I forget you?!” “You were dating Gordon…that was like the gossip of the group for a long time!!! How could I forget you?!” “You and Emilee would never shut up during anything!” “You were always twirling your hair!” “You ate six whole crepes at the bishop’s that one time!” “You fell down about 700 times when we went ice skating!” etc.

I’ve had three job interviews thus far…none exceptionally good, but only one pure disaster. I hate interviews…I suck at talking.

One interview was for a secretary job at Heritage Web Solutions, which I decided was not a great place to work (though if they offer me a job, I’ll still consider, certainly). I noticed four people that worked there while I was waiting for the woman who interviewed me: 1) the guy wearing socks with sandals, sporting missionary hair, and shooting a Nerf gun at his coworker, 2) the scantily clad girl who was asking everybody that walked by if they had a smoke on them, 3) the guy who held up something to girl’s request and said, “you’d have to roll your own”, and 4) the pregnant lady wearing hippie clothing and walking across the room whilst intently reading a book titled “The Dragon Reborn.” You know the kind of people I’m talking about.

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