Jul 31, 2006


(originally posted at eclaircie.diaryland.com)

There has long been a joke in my family about the time that Jared and Nate and I were all working in the corn fields (it was Indiana…what were we supposed to do?) and my mother packed us each a lunch and Jared and Nate got Snack Packs and I got a granola bar for dessert. I’ve naturally never let my mother forget about this. But I’m inclined to forgive her now because I got a package in the mail today: A twelve pack of Snack Packs accompanied by a picture of all of my siblings holding one granola bar each and pouting.

Nate’s response in an email this evening: “So, I heard you got your freakin’ 12 snack packs. Now mom owes us each 11. Not only that, but we didn't even get to eat those granola bars that she took a picture of us pouting with. They were from 72 hr kits so she made us put them back. That’s 11 snack packs and one granola bar she owes each of us. I heard that next she's mailing you a coat of many colors. Anyways, you should come visit us, there are some Egyptians we want to sell you to, I mean that we want you to meet…”

And man, this is three entries in one day...I don't know what's overcome me. And it's not even that I'm bored or anything. It's actually been quite a productive day non-diaryland-wise as well.

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