Mar 2, 2007

Giuliani: perplexing gut feelings that have nothing to do with politics or, arguably, anything at all

There is not a single reason for me to dislike Rudy Giuliani as much as I do. No major issue differences. No major personality flaws. I just don't like him. I didn't like him during 9/11 and I don't like him now. It's got to be something shifty about the way he looks or something equally subtle, because again, there's not anything legitimate. I can't put my finger on it.

As there isn't a viable reason, perhaps it'll go away. Probably simply spending more time thinking about him would do the trick. But then again, he's been a major figure for several years now, and I haven't overcome it.

"Rudy Giuliani surged past John McCain in a GOP presidential poll Wednesday. He showed surprising strength with white evangelical Southern Protestants despite his stand in favor of gay rights, gun control and abortion rights. Apparently Jerry Falwell is offering total forgiveness for any sinner who can defeat Hillary Clinton. " - Argus Hamilton

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