Mar 19, 2007

It's kind of like that

Remember that episode of Grey's Anatomy when Meredith finally has to choose between Derek and Finn and she ends up with appendicitis because it's stressful and Finn is so sweet to her and listens to her talk about Derek and Meredith on morphine says "I like you and I like you," and "Derek, Finn, Derek, Finn. I'd die as the girl who couldn't make a choice, right?" and Derek sees how sweet Finn is and walks away from the relationship because there is so much more baggage between the him and Meredith and Derek or Finn and the clarity to pick Derek and Finn says, "He's going to hurt you, and when he does, I won't be here" and Derek and ?

It's kind of like that.


Rachael said...

Oy vey. Maybe you should get appendicitis. :) Or not, because that would be scary.

Anonymous said...

huhh? I mean, that is a good episode but...huhh?


James said...

ah, the catch 22 that makes most personal blogs kinda bland: you want to write for the people you know are reading, but since they know you, you can't actually write any personal stuff involving them (and the people that read the blog are the people you are most likely to write about).

Anonymous said...

I wanted to write "intriguing, yet shrouded in mystery" until I realized that was a little redundant.