Feb 28, 2007


I've never had a swearing habit until recently. (Note: swearing habit in my world is very different than what you may be thinking.)

The word "damn" started flirting with the border of my vocabulary a few months ago. Every week or so he'd come in for the sake of entertainment, gradually becoming a more regular sight. He'd vacation there for days at a time, mostly just out at night, timidly, with the lower end of society. The vacations became frequent enough that he started looking at getting a permanent place set up. He grew more comfortable and confident, shopping in the nicer stores, associating with more prominent members of the community. Bought a house. Planted a flower garden in front. A vegetable garden in back.

I'm okay with it. I wouldn't dream of saying "damn" in front of my family or select other associates; he'll always know he's an immigrant. But he's established and comes in handy frequently enough that he's welcome.


Anonymous said...

gateway swear word, a couple more months and your swear to word ratio will be 1:1

Rachael said...

I've developed a swearing habit too. Only I say sh--. I don't know where it's come from. This is BYUI for goodness sake.

Melissa said...

Angie oh Angie don't listen to them, how can they say their your freinds? If they take you away from your family and home, they'll leave you alone in the end.