Feb 10, 2007

Not Even A Legitimate Post: a compilation of several thoughts, written purely for the sake of writing something because it's one of those days

I once had a writing professor who would always say "If you want to be a good writer then write! Write everything you can as often as you can." I think about that all the time, because it's important to me to be a good writer, or at least as good as I can get. It's such a useful tool, the written word.

And most of the time it makes me laugh because I'll think of it while composing a text message or the like and think "There is no way that 'What time are you good for dinner?' is making my a better writer." But when I'm in those phases of life that I don't write much, I feel guilty, because I could be doing more. My entries in my personal journal have pretty much sucked lately and are only written out of habit (and the fact that I'd be very mad at myself down the road for missing a day when I haven't for four-and-a-half years).

Mostly because I'm bored, but also because I am in a rare (for the last couple months) mood to write (this doesn't mean you should expect anything well-written at all, I'm not in a mood to tediously write), here are various thoughts I've had throughout the day, some related to each other, some not, some related to at least something, but some not:

  • You would be surprised at how many people in this world think it's a good idea to do their own ringback tone by recording a minute of music off of the radio as their voice mail prompt.
  • I liked the song "Stars are Blind" by Paris Hilton before I knew it was her. I know this is the sort of thing that there is no redemption for, but I think confession will make it sit easier in my heart. It was the ringback tone of one of my debtors, and I remember hearing it the first few times and thinking "This is catchy!" Nowadays she has "My Love" by Justin Timberlake, which I think we all can safely agree is a great song. She hasn't responded to the dozens of messages I've left her, but I call her regularly just to get a taste of music that isn't the same few songs that Jane in the cubicle next to me listens to.
  • It won't be too much longer before everybody's tired of Barack Obama. Too much media attention in my opinion. An article from Slate that made me a little uncomfortable with the blasphemy, but the quote at the end about him taking notes makes it worth it: Obama Messiah Watch.
  • I talk too much on dates, in general. It's odd because I'm pretty quiet in all other social situations, but dates are horrible. And it seems to be directly related to how interested I am in the guy. If I'm not interested at all, you can expect me to have covered every single subject I know a thing about by the end of the evening and he'll have said three words. If I'm somewhat interested (I haven't been on a date where I'm really interested in so long that it's hard to say how that goes) I'll be a little better.
  • I'm sorry, but Anna Nicole Smith was not an interesting person.
  • Today is a lazy day. Saturdays at work always are. And I don't even feel guilty because I've been an amazing collector thus far for February. I have the highest calls per hour in the place and I'm in sixth place for money considering everyone above me and most people below me work full-time. And I realize that I can be really good at this job if I want to be. It's just I still don't especially like it and I really enjoy the extracurricular web surfing and such that I normally accompany work with. But I'll be good for the rest of February (except Saturdays) because this company has been good to me and I want to be a good worker.
  • I've had far more ugly days than my allotted one per week lately. I need to pick somebody to have a crush on promptly or this will continue indefinitely.
  • On Monday I'm moving from my beloved cubicle to an office. I'm sharing the office with someone who works the later shift because I work mornings. It's an office, but a shared space so I couldn't decide if I should think of it as an upgrade or a downgrade until I realized that the lady I'll share the office with has stuffed animals all over the desk. It's a downgrade.
  • Is there something wrong with me if I honestly think Doonesbury is a legitimately funny comic strip? I don't think so.
  • I've never had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day, and I'm kind of glad. What do you do with a boyfriend on Valentine's Day? You have to do something special and probably exchange gifts, but it's not even exciting because everyone else is having romantic experiences as well and it's all so forced. It'd be nice to get flowers or jewelry or something (tip to males: stuffed animals or any sort of jewelry that's shaped into a heart are tacky, don't do it), but you'd have to get him something and what the heck do you get a guy on Valentine's Day?
  • It's been over half-a-year now that that "Sexyback" has been all over the place and I still can't get enough of the song. You must dance when it's on, it's part of the human condition.
  • I almost bought a car the other day but decided I'd rather save my money for a plane ticket to India. I'll probably post more about this later (why I've decided I'm not in the market for a car these days as well as my tentative plans for India).
  • I'm not often in the SWKT computer lab, but when I am I sit at computer eight on row eight whenever possible. About a week ago I was headed for that computer and noticed someone was there and had a small crisis on my hands as I realized that in that area my only two options were computer seven and computer nine. I never sit at odd-numbered computers, but I would look ridiculous going to another row at that point. I choose nine because it's a perfect square. These are the sort of things that go on in my heard all the time but I don't share with people.
  • I definitely judge people that go to sporting events and then sit in the stands and do homework (there are more than you would think), but I totally did it at the basketball game against UNLV last week. If I need to be doing homework, but want to have a constant update on the game, it makes sense, doesn't it? And I justified it by knowing that I know more about BYU basketball than at least 75% of the females in the Marriott Center. I'm not exactly sure why that makes it okay, but in my head it's a sound argument.
  • I wrote Mackey Arena at first when I meant to write Marriott Center. Totally weird. I definitely think about and attend games more often in the Marriott.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all I don't like that when you go to the comment page, you can no longer see the entry, because I need to reply to many of your points and can't remember them all, thus I was forced to open your journal in a second window so I could look back and forth.

Second: I like Barack Obama. I do agree that at some point he will not be able to fulfull expectations if they keep rising like this (who could?) but he is a breath of fresh air even though I don't agree with everything he says.

Third: Anna Nicole Smith is really not interesting. At all. Never really was.

Fourth: Doonesbury is and always has been a great comic strip. I personally think the fact that you like it is indicitive of your intelligence, political awareness, and sense of irony about our beloved nation.

Fifth: I hate Valentine's Day, and if I ever do have a boyfriend on Valentine's Day, if he insists on some big mushy commercialized love-fest, that might be a deal breaker.

Sixth: I LOVE Sexyback. Amazing how Justin Timberlake really has improved his image since leaving N'Sync. I never, ever, would have predicted this, but then again, I'm never an optimist. Way to go, JT.

Seventh: Did I ever tell you how my family hates years when we're all prime numbers in age?

That is all.

Love, Laura