Jan 16, 2007

Three fairly unrelated thoughts concerning Denver, CO

1) My brother Jared got his mission call a couple weeks ago. He's headed to the Denver, Colorado, South mission (it's the green one on the map), reporting to the MTC late February. We're all excited and proud of him. It'll be a cool place to go on a mission. The majority of people in the western states have at least one Mormon friend/relative/neighbor/coworker, which will make it harder/easier than a lot of places people serve. And he's going to be cold.

2) Most people don't know this, but I was going to move to Denver last summer. Sometimes I wish I had. But not too often. Life plans are so odd.

3) Last week the Dems picked Denver over New York for their '08 convention. It seems like a smart move to me, most of their big names are from the east and they need to be a party for the whole nation. Or it could just be because marijuana is legal in Denver.


Rachael said...

Did you know that Denver South has all the bits of Colorado that my family lives in?

Jared's going to be an awesome missionary!

Jared said...

Maijuana is leagle in Denver? All right!