Jan 19, 2007

looking/smelling/feeling good

Yes, today I'm wearing a purple misshapen sweatshirt that I've had since 9th grade, unwashed hair in a braid, and jeans. Accompanied by Burberry London perfume and diamond earrings. I mostly do it to drive Emilee nuts. ("You are not wearing Burberry with that sweatshirt!").

I do not like how the word "misshapen" looks at all when written. It's a good word, nicely descriptive, but the double 's' when one of them makes the "sss" sound and the other makes the "shhh" sound is horrible. I always feel like that word ought to be "mis-shapen" or really "mis-shaped" would be even better because "shaped" is far more of a word than "shapen".

It has been very cold of late. I can't decide how I feel abot it; I really don't like being cold, but I really like dressing for cold weather. When it's hot I feel the opposite. I like the warmth. I feel comfortable in 100+ degree weather easily. But I hate summer clothes.

And a quick plug for the 80s party or your life. Tomorrow night. Be there.

"Mis-shapely" would also be do-able, but, for the record, I'm against adjectives that end in "ly", which ought to be reserved for the realm of adverbs.

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