Jan 13, 2007


Just had a nice little moment in our office: Celeste yells, "Oh my gosh, I forgot all about this song! Listen!" and turns up the radio for the world to hear "Mmmbop, dubi da di, boodop, shoobi da bi, doowop..." (and yes, that's definitely just me making up what it sounds like to me) (the embarrassing part is I actually looked up several versions of the lyrics to write that, but concluded to screw that, for nothing was an accurate enough interpretation of what they were saying to satisfy me, so instead I went with the ultra-accurate method of typing whatever I sang to myself as I tried to recreate the sounds that I have only heard maybe twice in the last several years of my life). We all sing along and laugh at how ridiculous it is and then resume our job of ruining people's lives.

Good ol' Hanson. All of my friends thought they were sooo hot and I always pretended I did, too. The Andrea of 1997 was definitely a huge conformist, you see. In my heart I knew I was living a lie. If I was honest with myself, I knew that they kind of made me sick because they looked like women. But that wasn't as important as agreeing with Jenny and Gina and Claire. And maybe Audrey...she was probably my favorite friend, but I don't remember what her opinion was on Hanson. We were preoccupied with more important matters. Such as dressing up her cats in costumes. Or building an amusment park for my cat's kittens.

Those were good years, though. I remember dancing around Jenny Wheaton's house with "MMMBop" on repeat. I have three memories of Jenny Wheaton's house: 1) listening to Hanson/The Spice Girls/TLC, 2) that one time I spent the night and we watched this documentary on Bigfoot and I didn't sleep for two months afterwards because it was terrifying, and 3) playing with her cat. The cat was named AC, which stood for something, but when I rack my brain for what it was all I can think of is Anderson Cooper.

I must admit..."MMMBop" is horribly catchy. I'll have this stuck in my head for the rest of the day minimum.

And those lyrics! So moving!

"Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose.
You can plant any one of those
Keep planting to find out which one grows.
It's a secret no one knows."

Okay, so not so much....

And whoever thought this up is a genius: Best Fundraiser Idea Of All Time


Rachael said...

And you got it stuck in MY head too!! Blast you and the Hanson brothers! Holy like 5th grade nostalgia...

Anonymous said...

We used to play Hanson very loudly in my next door neighbor's dorm room freshman year and dance around with, if I remember correctly, a pink feather boa prone to shedding and a large stuffed green dinosaur. We don't judge people who secretly like Hanson.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have made it a goal to keep the lj a tad more updated this semester.


Anonymous said...

you may not know this about my past, but good old McQ did a fundraiser just like that one but with disney songs during one of our spirit weeks...not so original is it?