Oct 12, 2006

Woman Talk

The room I work in contains eight cubicles. Each of these cubicle houses a woman, which means there is a lot of relationship talk in this room. Four unhappily married (Adriane, Jennifer, Jane, Arlene), one divorced and bitter (Jessica), one happily living with a boyfriend (Celeste), one happily single (me) and one who hardly speaks any English, so I have no idea (Natalia). Lots of husband bashing goes on in this room, and I have to say, it does little to make me respect my coworkers. It's kind of sad, really. I don't know many details about everyone's situation, but I do know that Jennifer's husband has sent her flowers thrice since I started working here, and she's never even grateful. Things like that.

Jane: I think there's something wrong with my husband's phone, I've been getting texts that say "I love you," all morning from him, it's driving me crazy.

Jessica: So are you going out with Jose tonight?
Adriene: Jose? No way! Jose's my husband; you're thinking of Victor.
Jessica: And you're in love with Victor?
Adriene:No, he's just a sancho, I'm in love with Rick.
Jessica: Oh.

Celeste: Brandon and I have talked about marriage, but it seems like people just start to hate each other when they get married, and we're so happy with what we are now.

I have no evidence in this room to counter that, Celeste.

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