Oct 17, 2006

I'm actually scared of a lot of things...

Eight things that scare me:

  1. Using the word "definitively" in writing. What if someone accidentally reads it as "definitely"? I've totally made that mistake before...it's too easy of one.
  2. Janet Jackson.
  3. Plastic jump ropes.
  4. These aspects of driving: parking, merging, yellow lights.
  5. Angry people. They don't have to be angry at me, angry at anything is terrifying enough.
  6. Playing trivia games or "name this band" or any of those sorts of things. I'm generally pretty good at them, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make my stomach churn with nerves.
  7. Men.
  8. Permanent marker.

Eight things that don't scare me:

  1. Silence. I love even awkward silence most of the time.
  2. Insects, snakes, spiders, etc. They're small and you see them all the time. The only creatures I'm afraid of are alligators/crocodiles and sharks.
  3. Public speaking. Even though I'm not what one would call a good public speaker, I enjoy being the center of attention and people having to listen to me.
  4. Storms, earthquakes, tornados, etc.
  5. Michael Jackson.
  6. Calling strangers on the phone. My work has gotten me out of that fear in a hurry. Calling people I know is still a different story, though.
  7. Moldy food.
  8. People thinking I'm weird. I'm afraid of people thinking I'm dumb and I'm afraid of people thinking I'm ugly, but I really don't have any fear at all of people thinking I'm weird or nerdy or any of that sort of thing.

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