Oct 8, 2006

Those quizzes that we used to do on the bus from Seventeen magazine in 8th grade and now thanks to the joy of the internet can take far too many of

I know they're really lame. But I spent basically my entire day doing these things with my coworkers on Saturday, and really, I still have to share, even though I know nobody cares. Take all answers for what their worth:

Who's your celebrity style twin? Jessica Simpson (except I hate fake tans)

How girly are you? 44% (I hope that doesn't mean the other 66% is masculine.)

What city do you belong in? Paris (C'est vrai!)

Is your ex over you? All signs point to your ex digging you! (Are you really?)

What kind of sexy are you? independent sexy (their nice way of saying "anti-social sexy")

What fall fashion trend should you try? pencil skirt (on my shopping list now)

What foreign guy should you date? You should date a Japanese guy! (I could've sworn all my answers were pointing to Europe, but I guess the quiz knows me better than I know myself.)

What do guys think of your hair? sexy, desirable and hard to please (except my hair's kind of boring)

Who's your inner pop princess? Kelly Clarkson (better than most, I suppose)

Are you attractive? You attract a good amount of guys. ("Good amount" is too ambiguous for me, that could mean I'm not attractive, oh wait, but I am)

Are you a socialist or a capitalist? 16% capitalist and 84% socialist (I was very surprised to come out this socialist, I think of myself as approximately half-and-half)

Who's your inner European? Spanish (well I do enjoy a good night of flamenco dancing followed by some flan)

What's your kissing style? sensitive kisser (true enough)

Are you a girl or a woman? woman (I wish this one had been one of the percentage answers, because of course I'm "not a..."...actually to prove I'm a woman, I'm not going to quote Britney Spears)

What kind of a girlfriend are you? You are an understanding girlfriend. (Hear that boys?)

What kind of intelligence do you have? Your dominate intelligence is linguistic intelligence. (then how come I agonize over speaking and writing?)

Who's your celebrity boob twin? Paris Hilton (I like this quiz because it's based on one scientific question instead of all of this wishy-washy stuff. I wear the same bra size as Paris Hilton, that's all there is to it.)

What's your dating speed? You are a look before you leap, yellow light dater. (boring, it's always bad when you fall in the middle, even if it's definitely true)

Are you high maintenance? You are medium maintenance. (boring)

What kind of dog should you have? A beagle. (I don't like dogs all that much, but I like beagles...)

What fashion designer should you wear? Moschino (a do-able option).

The end. Let's admit...it's kind of fun. And you're thinking about taking some of these quizzes yourself aren't you?

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