Oct 24, 2006

Hillary Hilarity

"You ever see a picture of her back then? Whew. I don't know why Bill married her... "

After hearing this, I was a little disappointed to find pictures of a young Hillary Clinton and discover she wasn't ugly at all. I wanted her to be hideous, and believed she was as soon as I heard it. Not that Hillary's GOP Senate opponent John Spencer is the world's most reliable source on how attractive she was in her younger years, but, I mean...look at Hillary now, it's easy to imagine an ugly teenager becoming that woman.

And let's face it, her current cheeks do look like plastic surgery has had its way with them. But apparently she had those cheeks in college.

It's not a bad strategy to accuse your opponent of plastic surgery. Let's recall how John Kerry lost the 2004 presidential election due to all the Botox jokes. Or maybe it was because he didn't have a personality, I forget.

My roommate Steffanie: I would fight to the death to keep that woman from becoming president. I'm more serious than you think I am.

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