Sep 12, 2006

Football Season Is Upon Us

It's a good time of the year. School starts and we're all strapped for entertainment and an excuse to yell at the TV that doesn't involve Jay Manuel's hair (this is probably just my apartment). I had to work all day Saturday and it was definitely a good thing to be able to have the Purdue game going in the morning and the BYU game going in the afternoon to keep me from being bored to death. Last week's BYU game was more fun, though (despite losing).

There is little in this world more entertaining than watching BYU football with my Grandma Winona. That woman when she's excited about something...just imagine an old woman in a muumuu sitting tensely in her seat with the occasional (every minute or so) jump out of the seat and the occasional cheer or yelled advice to the team ("Tighten up boys! Tighten up!"). Hilarious. And after we changed to the mid-field camera (I'll explain in a second) and she couldn't see what was going on anymore, she decided to go to bed and listen to the rest of the game on the radio, but we could still hear her occasionally cheering alone from her bedroom.

My grandparents do not subscribe to TBS, the station that the game was broadcast from. We were worried we'd have to do the game by radio, which, of course, sucks. However...and I'm not exactly sure how this worked, after some investigative channel surfing by Jared, we discovered that we had access to several TBS back-channels. Each channel was just one camera, but we got the commentary as if it were the normal game. It was kind of irritating when they'd be like, "let's look at that again," and all we get is a shot of the stands or something, but it had it's benefits as well. For example, during a commercial break, we get the camera trying to get a good shot of the moon to come back to and listen to the main commentator tell his buddies about this time he interviewed Ozzy Osbourne. Granted, they weren't talking into the microphones during the commercial break, so we had to strain to hear it, but we did get bits and pieces ("At the end I was like, 'You know, I really loved Black Sabbath.' And he was like 'Friends don't shake hands, friends hug.'"). And instead of a halftime report, we did get to watch the Pride of Arizona march, which in my family, is quite the benefit. Even if we could hear them just well enough that I could determine that they were playing "something that sounds familiar", which I eventually determined was a Radiohead show. I'm sorry to say that nobody in my family could back me up on that one, but I looked it up later, and it was in fact Radiohead, in case anyone was doubting me. We started out watching a camera at one end of the field who was aparently also in charge of getting shots of Bronco Mendenhall looking grim. But that camera tended to chase people running down the field while the play was happening on the line, so we switched eventually to the midfield camera, which always had everything covered, though it was small. The only downside to this camera is it was in charge of fan shots, so we saw a whole lot of fans. But it was kind of fun because whenever there was a field goal we'd have to look at the fans reactions to see if it was made or not (because obviously the mid-field camera guy wasn't going to have a good shot of the kick).

And that's all I have to say, but I feel compelled to write something here because a) that last sentence does not feel like a concluding sentence, and b) I don't like it when I end with the longest paragraph of something I've just bothers me, I couldn't tell you why...even in a three-paragraph-little-something, I just can't do it.

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