Sep 7, 2006

Bus People

Bus people are an interesting bunch. I take the bus to work every morning. Until I hit the BYU stop, it's mostly students, but after that, the true bus people are all that's left. And I got to experience an even better case of bus people on the Greyhound Monday. I have a hard time fighting the "I'm better than you" ideas in these cases.

Guy next to me on Greyhound: Oh, so do you like reading, then?
Me: Yes.
Guy next to me on Greyhound: I don't.
Me: Not any?
Guy next to me on Greyhound: Nope, not at all.

I hear things like this and cringe. But really, he was a nice guy. I had some good conversation with him and he loves his kids and is living a life that he enjoys, what more could you want?

Same for the guy sitting behind me, who had some of the worst grammar on the planet and mentioned that he'd spent some time in prison, but then was talking about how much the world needs discipline and how he learned discipline too late, but at least he's got it now and then he was talking about this girl he's with and he is so in love with her ("Man, you knows, I tell her alls the times, 'If you were to leave me, I'd need at least three women to get even close to what I gots with you, baby.' And it's the truth.") and this man is happy with his life and trying to build something with it, and I have a hard time saying that myself.

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