Aug 29, 2012


  • I wear my hair wet to work pretty much every single day. Looking more professional will never be worth the extra 15 minutes of sleep it would cost to dry it in the morning.
  • I have watched all 2.5 of the currently-released seasons of Pretty Little Liars this month. Yes, that averages out to about 85 minutes a day. Yes, the show is, technically, terrible. I love it.
  • I can't think of a third confession at the moment and really don't care.


Charmaine Joyce Joaquin said...

Hi, I'm sorry but I don't get your comment about the show PLL, are you a fan or not? :)

Andrea said...

I am a fan, even though I recognize that technically, it's a terrible show with terrible writing and terrible acting. I can't help myself. Their clothes are too great and the plot twists too exciting (even though half of them don't make sense).