Aug 5, 2012

Bullet Post

  • I took a Myers-Briggs personality test (inspired by Betty's post a while back) the other day and I'm apparently I'm an INTP. I think this means I need to lie on any personality test I may have to take in the future to get a job. We INTPs are not good for the kind of work I'm qualified for. We "work best alone", "dislike mundane details", "have no desire to lead or follow", and "are not particularly interested in the practical application of our work". At least we're smart? Oh yeah, nobody cares how smart the receptionist is.
  • Current celebrity obsessions: Lena Dunham (because she's awesome) and Taylor Momsen (I can't explain why at all).
  • Trevor went to Chicago for a week last month and after talking to a lot of people involved in the improv comedy world there, we're kind of playing around with moving to LA instead. Chicago is a place you go to improve your craft and get noticed, not a place to settle down; anybody who "makes it" from Chicago ends up in Los Angeles or New York. The general consensus seems to be that Trevor is already plenty noticeable and already has a ton of performing experience (he's been averaging about three shows a week for over a year now), and he could get his career going faster by skipping the Chicago step.
  • I definitely eat like a girl. All I ever want is vegetables and desserts.
  • This weekend I started working at ComedySportz on a part-time basis. I'm there all the time anyway, so when a position opened up for someone to take tickets/sell concessions/etc., I figured I might as well get paid something for it. Half the job is just sitting behind the concession booth and watching shows, so it's pretty chill. It won't be a game-changing amount of extra money coming in, but every little bit helps. It's actually more money than Trevor gets paid for doing shows, which doesn't seem fair in the sense that basically anybody with a pulse could do my job and very few people have the audience-drawing power that Trevor does. But I guess most of the performers are really there for the love of doing improv comedy and would do it for free, while nobody just really has a passion for cleaning theaters and writing down ticket reservations.

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mom said...

I like the LA part of this post. Trevor is amazing! I think he could do really well in LA!