Aug 16, 2012


A couple weeks ago, my boss Cathi discovered that her dog is pregnant and expressed concerns about finding homes for the puppies once they're born and weaned. This was exactly the excuse I was looking for.

Trevor and I have talked a lot about getting a dog for the last couple years. There are many reasons not to, of course: we already have three cats which should be plenty of pets, dogs take a fair amount of time/money to take care of, it's much harder to find a place to rent if you have a dog, etc.

But seriously, we just needed an excuse to push us over the edge, because PUPPIES ARE SO CUTE. And dogs give you a different kind of love than cats do, and what's wrong with wanting more love? And they're still cheaper/easier than having a baby, right? So it's still a somewhat responsible decision, right? But yes, the biggest thing on the "pros" list is PUPPIES ARE SO CUTE. I feel it's an okay reason to do something, though. If it's worth some inconvenience to us, then it's worth it. So we're getting one. So excited.

Cathi's dog had her babies yesterday. She had two boys and two girls, but one of the girls died pretty soon after being born (sad). So there are two boy dogs and one girl dog for us to pick from. The mother is a bulldog and the father is a mystery (Cathi's dog escaped to the wild for a few days a while ago and came back knocked up). They are all black and white. They're too little to really tell what they'll look like yet (the pictures I've seen so far just consist of unintelligible blobs of black and white fur), but whatever they look like, I know we'll be completely in love with our new little guy/girl.

I've been looking at pictures of black and white puppies all day, trying to guess what our newest family member will look like. Did I mention I was excited?

We're kind of leaning toward getting a boy and naming him Winston. But part of me wants a girl one so that I can tie bows on her and tell her she's pretty. We'll see.


Betty said...

awww, super cute! there's a bulldog puppy that I've seen a few times at my work's so cute, I want to steal it!

good luck with the new pup!

Marisa said...

SO Jealous Andrea!
I would definitely go with a boy dog, in my experience boys are a little better than girls. Boys don't kill the grass as much as girls do, plus girls are a pain when they are in heat.
If you need any dog advice let me know. SO excited for you and Trevor!