Oct 4, 2010


The family was in town this weekend. It's the first time that all ten siblings, plus the one brother-in-law (so far Trevor is the only spouse brought into the fold, but Jared is engaged so soon it will be two), plus both parents have all been in the same room together. Ever. We've had at least one boy off on a mission since Whitney was born until quite recently, and then we've had four of us living in Utah and the rest in California, so it's taken a bit for the stars to align. Documented evidence of the whole family together:

Yes, Nate is on Jared's shoulders. Yes, I picked this photo over the formal portraits. Yes, I will play the mad pirate in your upcoming feature film.

Oh and Kayla is taller than me. Weirdest thing ever.

And Whitney called my cat Tiberius, "Tiberipuppy". She's adorable.


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Haha, awesome photo :-) Glad all you awesome Wonnacott siblings were able to reunite in one place!