Sep 26, 2010

How Times Have Changed

I was reading an article about bad fashion throughout the years this morning and came to a startling revelation: Bjork's swan dress, the dress that horrified my sensibilities in 2001 (did she think the Oscars of were a joke?), is kind of adorable.

I blame Lady Gaga. Straight up. The swan dress doesn't seem over-done costume-y at all anymore. Particularly paired with simple hair/makeup/accessories, what's wrong with a ruffly white animal turned outfit?

Not that I'm going to go out and buy one. Or that I'll ever think of Bjork again without the image of The Dress popping in my mind. But it'll be with more respect that I recall the once infamous.

In 2004 I turned up my nose at any pointed-toe shoe; in 2006, I bought a pair. In 2008, I was disgusted by leggings; now they're a staple of my wardrobe. This fall I plan on wearing a lot of boots. Ankle boots, even. I've always hated boots. Granted, I'll still be very particular about what boots I wear (I'm sorry, but the vast majority make your ankles look fat and/or make you look like you're trying too hard to be fashionable and/or make you look like a prostitute and/or don't fit with the vast majority of outfits and/or are too "ironic rural" and/or....), but still.


August said...

I dunno, I am pretty sure Hooker Boots should be at the top of your fashion shopping list this upcoming season.

Evidence: ANY HOOKER

Marethyn said...

Well, no matter what you say, swan dress is surely better than the rough meat outfit Lady Gaga had recently.

Valerie said...

Let me know when you find the perfect pair of boots. I don't think they exist.

Cassie said...

My dearest Andrea- I think it is time for an intervention. I mean seriously, ankle boots? It's not too late to change your mind!! Love you to death though. :)