Oct 14, 2008

Timeless Glam? Probably Not

So apparently Lindsay Lohan launched a line of leggings called 6126 a couple days ago. Why 6126, you ask? It Marilyn Monroe's birthday. According to Lindsay, Marilyn and her collection share a "timeless, confident glam". Ummm...leggings?

Leggings SCREAM 80s to most of us. There is very little less timeless than leggings to me. And can you imagine Marilyn Monroe in leggings? It would be horrific for a woman of her figure.

It took me a minute why this infuriated me so much. It's not like we expect Lindsay Lohan to make well-thought-out decisions. And it's certainly not the first time a pop icon has been used to promote something fairly unrelated to him or her. What it comes down to, though, is this:

A clothing line channeling Ms. Monroe would be an awesome thing. This awesome thing has been completely mangled by Ms. Lohan. While Marilyn, granted, does have some qualities I generally hate (fake blond hair, exploiting sexuality for profit, etc.), she represents a romantic, glamorous time when the women were curvy and being sexy involved a lot more teasing and a lot less overt sexuality. Lindsey represents a brand-driven Young Hollywood that would love to imitate the class of Golden Age Hollywood but never gets farther than wearing red lipstick and Marcel waves on the red carpet before someone's boob falls out of her dress. Leggings represent all the ugliness in the world.


Rachael said...

Leggings, 95% of the time, big fat NO! I'll make allowances for when you're doing the ironic 80's thing (I don't think Lohan gets "ironic" though), and when it's negative a billion degrees and you wear them UNDER your actual pants.

Your blog re-design, however, is a resounding yes. :)

Anonymous said...

Um, I like leggings.

And the new background.


Mel said...

I'm just holding out for the day when lavender nighties and unshaven legs are sexy.