Oct 29, 2010

Before It Was Cool

The mark of cool has always been "I did that before it was in style". One great thing about living in the information age: the geeks among us often the ones ahead of the curve. That doesn't stop us from being jerks sometimes, though.

Coworker: I'm thinking about starting a blog; do you blog?
Me: Do I blog? Please, I've been blogging since 2004.

And after I saw The Social Network, I also had to make a point of saying that I'm pretty sure I was among those first one million people on facebook that they celebrate . Yeah, that's right, the other 499 million of you are followers. (Let's not mention the sheer luck of being of college age when it came out and the sheer luck of having friends in the east where facebook initially took off).

Also...after a little research today, the blog thing is not true and the facebook thing is questionable.

Turns out the first post I have on my first blog was dated Jan 27th, 2005. It is really odd to read the old diaryland blog. I haven't looked at it in years. Such a horrible format. Also, I was far too concerned with: a) food, b) trying to sound smart, c) dating. (Readers of this blog know that I've since moved to far more reputable concerns: food, trying to sound smart, and cats.) Though there are little bits of cleverness here and there that make me not entirely hate myself at age 18-19.

I don't remember when I joined facebook (or thefacebook as it was at the time) and don't have access to my old BYU email anymore so I have to look for clues to figure it out. The earliest indication I can find is also from the diaryland blog. I know that on March 4, 2005, I had 92 facebook friends. So I joined sometime before that. Facebook reached 1 million users in late December 2004. So maybe I was one of those. Hard to say. Also, I don't remember if Emilee or I ended up winning the first person to 100 facebook friends contest back then. I do know I initially joined facebook before she did AND that currently I have 474 friends and she has 420. So we all know who the real winner is.

When I first joined facebook, there was that "find people in your network button", which some of you may remember. I recall that there were only around 30 people in the BYU network. And I was like "I don't know how useful this site is going to be for me."

I'm totally cooler than you because of this.


Erin said...

If you still have the same facebook account you can actually just click back a million times and get back to your beginning. That's what I did- and it took forever but it was funny when I got there. Not gonna help if you switched accounts though.

Rachael said...

I was the very first person in the BYUI network. So there. :) Thanks to you and Nishi.

Andrea said...

If I click back on my wall, the furthest back it goes was August 2006. The oldest message in my messages is from November 27, 2005.

So the March 2005 is still the oldest clue I've got.