Nov 1, 2010

Three Person Halloween Party...Because We're That Cool

There was supposed to be an epic Halloween party at Trapper's epic new house, which didn't happen as Trapper's epic new house is still mired in the world of paperwork ("I can't move into my house yet" is the lamest excuse ever, by the way). So we didn't have any Halloween plans.

As I sat at my computer between answering the door for trick-or-treaters (tons this year, ran out of candy...), I knew something had to be done. Trevor and his friend Owen were in the back room playing video games. And we needed a little Halloween, right this very minute.

I changed into my costume and told Trevor and Owen they had to wear costumes, too. ("You want us to sit here in costumes?" "Yes, it's Halloween." "Well okay, but only because you're intimidating as Catwoman.") We were able to assemble a disco outfit for Trevor (look closely: complete with chest hair!). I obviously was prepared ages ago with my costume (don't look closely: my mask is crooked, but I was tired of sewing at that point and stretch materials are so difficult...). And Owen...well...he got the odds and ends of the costume box and was a Rabbi Convict:

We trick-or-treated to our friends next door and then did the usual hanging around the house. But everyone wore a costume and that's what Halloween is always about. Especially since those kids took all my candy.

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