Nov 20, 2010

So Long and Thanks for All the Dolphin Slaughter Footage

Just watched The Cove, and have decided I need to stop watching documentaries on Netflix. Or at least the liberal/progressive/environmentalist/socialist sort that serve only to add more things to my list of reasons mankind as a species should feel guilty. Biographies of Catherine the Great are still allowable.

They all end with a call to action: Stop global warming! Stop animal abuse! Stop corporate corruption! Stop government corruption! Fix the prison system! Fix the healthcare system! Fix the immigration system! Fix the food industry! Fix the energy industry! Fix the financial industry! etc, etc, etc, etc. But there's only so much a letter to a congressperson can do. And there are so many issues to "do something" about. Unless you want to pick a pet project and dedicate your life to it, you're really not going to be able to do much, and even then there's certainly no guarantee of change. And most of my time is pretty much already taken up with just managing my household (okay, okay, so hours every week go to Netflix alone...but everybody needs relaxation time, right?).

And so I choose to ignore the guilt part and instead just feel vaguely proud of myself because I'm more educated about the issue de jour than I was pre-documentary-viewing.

Nobody likes vegetarians, anyway.

Oh, and in case anyone accuses me of being a raging liberal instead of the moderate I am (though in Utah: moderate = raging liberal), I'll mention that my list of documentaries watched includes one about the great need we have to reduce the federal deficit. Which is apparently a Republican issue now? Though I still don't get how they're always talking about lower taxes AND a smaller deficit in the same breath. Sorry guys, but it's not possible. But I suppose that's another blog post for another day...

But yeah, self-imposed ban on documentaries that have an agenda. Starting now.

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L Garcia Muro said...

I feel the same way, sometimes I don't feel like cooking, but hey what ever works for you is good.