Dec 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein Dead

I've heard way too many people say today something to the effect of "He deserved worse than a quick death for what he did." Often these comments are accompanied by desires to see Saddam tortured with chemical weapons and the like. It's justice! He did this to other people, he should get the same punishment! An eye for an eye!

Great plan, guys. Let's bring ourselves down to Saddam's level. The only reason the current Iraqi "government" has a right to execute Saddam is the moral high ground they have because they have not done the terrible things Saddam did.

I listened to a brief review of the rise and fall of Saddam Hussein on the radio this morning. It was odd to hear clips from before we invaded Iraq. It seems so long ago those days when the majority of Americans thought Saddam was a major threat to the peace of the world. I remember sitting around the halls of West Lafayette High School and talking about weapons of mass destruction.

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