Dec 6, 2006

However Many Random Thoughts I Can String Together Before They Get The Phones Working Again

  • There is no better way to fall asleep than with a kitty curled up and purring next to you. Actually, I'm pretty sure there is, but it's still a good way.
  • The useful thing I did at work today is introduce Mario to cougarboard and teach him how to put BYU football pictures as his desktop background. Today is almost as useful as the day I got to share my extensive knowledge of lice killing/preventing with Jennifer.
  • Yesterday I put my profile on a bunch of online dating websites. Not with a single shred of seriousness, just for kicks on a quiet night at work. I'll probably delete them within the next week. Or run off with Grillmaster101, the 34-year-old man in a cowboy hat who winked at me on You never know.
  • It's somehow become my Thursday morning habit to eat a hamburger around 10am-ish. I come home from the temple and all I want is a hamburger.
  • Today I was the recipient of a miracle. I shook a bottle of barbeque sauce with a loose lid and it ended up all over the kitchen, but not a single bit was on my clothes or even body anywhere.
  • But then I dripped mustard on my sweater ten minutes later.


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