Mar 17, 2006

Happy Holiday!

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Every year, I get excited for St. Patrick's Day. However, the only way it's actually different from the average day is I make sure to wear green. And recall that 3 out of every 10 days (that was really just a ratio that I came up with without even thinking about it, so...grain of salt here) I'm going to be wearing green anyway. In all actuality, freaking Labor Day should get me more excited than St. Patrick's, at least we get school off. But, no, it's still a good holiday somehow. Though it would be better if I were home right now and had the green waffles that I can guarantee you my mother made this morning. For the average person, March 17th is merely a celebration of the color green. It’s a nice color, but…why doesn’t red get a day? Or brown? Or yellow? Or…cerulean?

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