Nov 28, 2005


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  • Country dancing...could be fun, could be a disaster. I guess we'll see.
  • I accidentally slept through my evening class today. I think I'm going to have to make a rule for myself: no naps on Wednesday and Tuesday afternoons.
  • Sons of Provo...when does that come out on video? And I'm not going to lie, there are three different posters/pictures of those guys in this bedroom. Though, it's really the soundtrack that's worth the movie. I still die of laughter like everytime. Favorite: "Diddly Wack-Mack Mormon Daddy" ("all my peeps will be conformin' cause it's cool to be a Mormon. I'm a black jack say no to crack daddio..."). Though a close second is "Love Me, But Don't Show Me" ("these two weeks together have been the sweetest of my life, my heart's prayer was answered when you agreed to be my wife" "after each date with you I fight with all my might, to treat you like a gentleman and shake your hand goodnight"). If you're confused, meaning you don't live in's a mockumentary on a Mormon boy band, and the funniest movie since "Single's Ward." Though I also am a huge fan of "The R.M." I realize these movies are the epitome of stupid. But, I mean, what's funnier than Mormons?
  • I went shopping this weekend. The goal was dark brown dress shoes. So, naturally, I came home with two new sweaters and three new tanks and no shoes.

Nov 27, 2005

Shine the Light, Don't Hide the Light...

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The light in our bathroom has been burned out for at least half the semester. At first we were to lazy to call matainence to get it fixed, but now we don't even think about it. We tell ourselves it'll help keep our utilities bills down, but really, it's not like the one light is going to make much of a difference. The best is when we were at Melanie's house and Emilee goes into the bathroom, leaving the door open enough to let light in. "Oh man, I almost forgot that normal people turn on the lights to their bathroom."

Nov 26, 2005

How I Spent My Thanksgiving Vacation

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Well, back in Provo now, after a little fling in St. George.

The best thing was obviously hanging out with my family for a couple days. Followed by pecan pie.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at my second cousin’s brand new multimillion dollar house. It was amazing. We spent all sorts of time poking around in rooms we weren’t supposed to be in (“What’s in here?” “’s just a coat closet...I was thinking maybe like a concert hall or ballroom or something.”), because it was just a cool house. Like a theater room...with a layered floor and HUGE screen. And the playhouse built in underneath the stairs. And the master bathroom with all of the polished was a house to die for. And a 5-hole mini golf course in the backyard. And we of course invented a great game we call gockey. Because it’s hockey and golf. You each have a hole that’s yours and a club and you wack at the ball and each other and try to get it into your hole. It was glorious. And I think I’ll have lasting bruises from that one.

On my mother’s side, I’m the oldest unmarried cousin that’s not off on a mission. And that means I’m suddenly the one suffering the wrath of teasing. And lots of questions if I have any sort of “special friend” and all of that. It’s great. And by great I mean irritating. I mean, it’d be okay if I had something to answer with, but I have nothing. Or at least not anything that I’d like to share with my relatives, I suppose.

And I really need to do some homework. But that doesn’t stop the expected plan for the evening from being: lie around, maybe do some e-mailing, watch You’ve Got Mail with Emily and finish eating that pizza...

Nov 23, 2005

Turkey Time...I mean, I'm excited to see my family...

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Well...I'm off! Have a Happy Thanksgiving all!

Nov 21, 2005

Beach Boys, etc.

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"Whoever invented the back of the math book was a genius."

"Where'd you put my wand? Down your shirt?" "No, but I bet Fleur keeps her wand in her cleavage, she's a little sleazebag like that."

"Listenning to Beach Boys makes you just love everyone. I think that should be our new strategy in Iraq...big vans with speakers driving around and playing 'Help Me Rhonda'."

Though personally I think "Help Me Rhonda" is a bad idea. It's a happy sounding song, but for those that knew English...the lyrics kind of upset me. Because who wants to be the girl that's just being used to get the other girl out of his mind? Not flattering at all. So maybe more like "Good Vibrations", "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "Kokomo". Except Kokomo...I totally think of Kokomo, Indiana. Hmmm, that's where dreamy Tyler Marler was from. Good ol' Tyler...last crush that I had in the pre-James-dominated era of my life, now that I think about it.

Nov 16, 2005

Best Job Ever

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It is way too easy to use the power I have at work for evil. But we do have fun. A cute boy comes to the window, and after he leaves we’ll look up his major and where he’s from and his GPA, how old he is, what sports he did in high school, etc. Morgan and I should not be allowed to have this much access to information.

“Oh, never mind then, I could never be with someone from Texas.”

“Are you kidding me? Art History? He’s never getting married.”

“Yes! Pre-Med…I knew he’d be something good. Look up his schedule so I can stalk him.”

Nov 14, 2005

the big 1-9

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Happy Birthday to me!

Though all it really means is that I get lots of new postings on my facebook wall. Which is better than nothing.

Nov 13, 2005

vampires beware

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I ate an entire clove of garlic straight last night playing a fear factor type game. And it's still haunting me. You think the taste is gone and then it comes back up...sick, huh?

Nov 11, 2005

What makes the red man red?

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There’s some sort of Native American something going on in front of the wilk today. They were selling Navajo tacos, which were so tempting, but let’s recall that my birthday is in a few days and I’ll get Navajo tacos then (because they are my favorite food and I have nice roommates). Must hold on…okay, so if they’re still out there when I get off work, I’m totally buying one.

And they had a hoop dancer, which makes me laugh my face off, just because my dad used to hoop dance. And still thinks that he can. And tries to show off whenever we have like hula hoops around (though it’s a huge disaster, he says because they are too big, we say because he doesn’t know what he’s doing which just makes him try harder and it’s just one glorious fiasco).

Also, it reminded me of the scavenger hunt we had last year when one of the teams got really into it and painted themselves as well as their team banner. And at one point went galloping through the wilk with war paint on and yelling and the dean of students himself came up to them: “You are being sooo disrespectful” Turns out there was a Native American convention going on there that day…

Nov 9, 2005

Calendar...or, Why I Haven't Gotten Any Homework Done Recently

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So major life goal right now is to finish the calendar. There is a picture of Emilee, Melanie and me from glamour shot night (I'm pretty sure Emilee put it in her facebook can check that out if you want to witness the glory that is us)that we've been having way too much fun with. So Taylor (who may be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but in this instance is enough of a genius to forgive him of everything ever) came up with this brilliant idea after seeing the picture to cut us out the living room background and put in the jungle. Which is a great idea. And then Melanie continues the genius, yes...get ready for this...we're totally making a calendar of that picture. Like the jungle will be for May. But then for December there's the picture but in the snow-covered woods with Santa's sleigh flying overhead. And for January, there's the picture of us in the crowd of people watching Martin Luther King Jr. give his "I Have a Dream" speech (Martin Luther King Day, hello..). And for June it's us on the beach. August, in the ocean. September, in front of the Taj Mahal. And so on and so forth. And it's the best waste of time ever.

Nov 8, 2005


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Today is not a good day on like every single level...

Nov 6, 2005


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I've eaten at least a million bowls of Berry Colossal Crunch since buying it yesterday afternoon. And it really does make life better.

And I've spent the last few hours discussing lyrics. And thinking about how all the cheesy stupid love songs always seem like, "I know exactly how they feel," sometimes and like, "Nobody feels like that," other times. And how sad so many songs are, and it seems like a lot of those are "I know exactly how I feel" lately.

"'Strumming my pain with his fingers'...that line just speaks to me." "You know what line speaks to me, 'Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor.'"

Brittany aka Gran

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"There are only two things I've seen Brittany get passionate about, one is the mouse, two is The Sandlot."

"It's doctrine, even our New Testament proffessor has said that a 25 year-old could be a grandma."

"I need more Johnny Cash and more Sephora!!!" "I'm pretty sure nobody but Brittany has ever spoken that sentence before."

Nov 4, 2005

Nice Dream

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"So I had this dream that his apartment was all sleeping over and all of us were in the living room in a bunch of sleeping bags and he came over to me and climbed into my sleeping bag with me and lifted up my shirt and STARTED POPPING ALL THE ZITS ON MY BACK! I was like 'Noooo! This was supposed to be a good sex dream!'"

Goood ol' roommates.

Nov 1, 2005

Okay, Seriously, Wookies, Chocolate, November

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When you ask someone how they are and they say "okay" it generally means not okay.

I hate those rare moments when I take school seriously and realize how much work I have to do. So then I just go into the kitchen and make a snack and maybe watch Style Network for half-an-hour.

Watched the last half of Return of the Jedi with Melanie last night, on a whim. There's always more to discuss with Star Wars, and it's nice watching with someone who also has the movie memorized, so you can just talk over it the entire time. But does Leia have a hairdresser that comes along with them onto Endor? Because nobody could do the braids with the stuff woven into it and everything on their own and change it everyday. But I'm pretty sure Leia's hair was not a primary Rebel concern when selecting a small team to complete the mission. The best theory we came up with is that R2 has a hair-braiding function, which makes sense, because let's face it, he has everything else. And would you rather be an ewok or a wookie? And then fierce debating about whether baby wookies are cute or not ("You could probably find someone's picture of what one looks like on the internet." "But I want to know what they REALLY look like, not just some artists rendition.")

So Halloween was good. Though I was missing my siblings and the old days of trick-or-treating and then coming home and the trade market opens and we were all glad that Jared didn't like chocolate, though he'd pretend like he did so that he'd get better trades for it. And making live bar graphs of our candy stretching across the living room. Ahhh, the nerdiness of my family warms my soul like nothing else does.

But it's November!!! Where did this year go? But I'm excited, because November means my birthday and leaves and the first snow and the beginning of the holidays and Thanksgiving. One of my favorite months, really.