Sep 27, 2012

Accessory Acquisitions

So I've been pretty good about not buying clothes I don't need lately, but I've been making up for it by breaking the bank on accessory purchases. They add great touches of new to old outfits. This month's acquisitions:
Necklace and shoes are from Charlotte Russe. Purse is from Fabric Mill on Provo Center St. They have a little boutique in one corner of the fabric shop that I highly recommend for bags and jewelry. I was looking for a purse for forever (my old one was falling to pieces) and couldn't find anything that fit my long list of specifications. But then, go figure, Fabric Mill had multiple bags that I really wanted.

I feel like I should post about fashion stuff more because I always like that on other people's blogs. Trevor might think it's dumb, but he has a penis and doesn't know any better.


Betty said...

Haha, your last comment was hilarious!

I do enjoy fashion-y posts as well...nice purchases!!

M said...

Hahaha YES to your last sentence. And you have a great fashion sense, and are very open to trying new things. I fully support you throwing up more of your cute style.

Trev said...

Kenna wants you to become bulimic?

M said...

If her bulimia entails throwing up awesome clothes, then yes. She has a gift and I encourage it.