Oct 5, 2012

Racial Land Post

Car ride home with coworkers today. As a note, I generally like these people. But wow, these are not who you want to talk politics with.

A: So I was telling my boyfriend "I know you don't like Obama because he's black and has a bunch of dumb ideas, but..."
M: Whoa whoa whoa, Obama being black should not have anything to do with it.
A: Oh I know that. My boyfriend just can't get past it, though. It shouldn't matter if someone's black, white, Mexican...
M: Oh no, I would never vote for a Mexican president.
Me: I love that you say that after calling A out for the black thing.
M: I'm just saying, if we had a Mexican president he'd have like fifteen f***ing famiily members living the White House with him, you know?

In my mind, we live Post-Racial Land. Sometimes real life destroys that illusion.

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