May 26, 2010

I want to have a reunion this summer with all my children and spouse (I was going to say spouses but that doesn't fit our family yet)? Where and when should we do it?

Hi, mom.

If you're wanting all your children, I'm assuming that means after Nate is back from Chile and whenever Jared is available (when does he come back to UT from NC?). So later summer. Time doesn't matter that much as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure Trevor and I could get work off whenever with proper notice.

As far as place, I've been kind of wanting to go to Ridgecrest again, but I know that's not exciting to you that live there. Trevor is, of course, not a huge fan of travel, so I'm sure he would vote the close the better. And probably he would prefer not camping. I'm not picky myself.

We're financially more free than we have been in the past, so that'll make travel easier.

So yeah, I guess just somewhere not too far away and as comfortable as possible (camping is okay, I suppose if it's a clean/sissy enough campground) is probably our only criteria. Let me know what you're concocting and I'll throw in more input as needed.

Ask me know, that isn't incriminating.

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