May 31, 2010

Bloggity Blog

  • I know I'm behind on several formspring questions from you all. I was going to do some today, but the site seems to be broken...who knows if I'll still be in the mood when it starts working again, mwhahaha!
  • So this would be old news if I ever checked Analytics on my blog, but since I rarely do, I'll just now point out something interesting I discovered. This is what my visits to my blog look like since I started keeping track: So apparently there was one week where I got a gazillion visitors (or almost 900) that kind of makes all the rest of the weeks of my life look worthless (around 100/week). Turns out that was the week of President Obama's inauguration and the post that most of those people were looking at was from a month earlier when I was speculating about Michelle Obama's inaugural gown. I'm pretty sure a lot of people out there were talking about that, but apparently I didn't do too bad in the Google battle there. Which isn't really that huge of a victory (my goal here is more to keep in touch with people and share things I find interesting than to have a bazillion people read it), but still, kind of makes me proud of myself in a artificial-validation-that-I'm-important kind of way. Bounce rate was only 56% which isn't too bad...
  • Yes, I redid the background. Can't be sticking to the same thing all the time. And it's springtime now and I figured color is good for the soul. Keeping the layout, though, because it works and it's too much bother to change.

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