Sep 20, 2009

Twitter Post

Each bullet point contains 140 characters or less:
  • I feel like an old fogey when people talk about Twitter. "Who needs/wants that kind of new-fangled I'm-so-in-touch-ness?
  • The commercials for Apple Jacks where the main point was "They don't taste like apples?": Did those convince anyone to buy Apple Jacks?
  • Long ago, a French class spent a day listening to NPR so Mme Sacco could hear her name as a donor. Only time I enjoyed pledge drive season.
  • Becca, upon meeting Fidel: "Perfect name! He looks just like the cat from Pinocchio!" The cat from Pinocchio's name: Figaro. Silence from me.
  • Even in this format, It's hard to avoid bullet points like "Mm...pop tart" or "It sure is hot for September". Update for the sake of update.
  • Am I a terrible person if I give a good reference for an employee because I want him to get a new job so I don't have to deal with him?
  • Science Friday is the worst day of the week.
  • Limiting to 140 characters is harder than expected. But still a fun challenge. And I have yet to use "4" for "for" or any of that crap.
  • The editing skills I'm practicing will help with writing [Next Great American Novel]. My Biggest Writing Weakness: I'm an over-explain-er.
  • Though sometimes things are lost in the quest for ≤140 characters. I really wanted to use the phrase "predilection for over-explanation" in the last one, but couldn't make it fit.
  • And now, of course, I'm cheating by stringing "tweets" together that would normally be in the same paragraph.

Sep 11, 2009

Promotion Day

You are reading the blog of the new call center manager of the esteemed establishment I work for. Moving on up. Woot!

And on this same day, Trevor was promoted from supporting dial-up to supporting broadband, which hopefully means the people he'll be working with won't be quite as technologically behind the times.

One of my first tasks in my new position would have been to conduct a job interview for a prospective new collector, but we got a call from his father this morning saying he died of a drug overdose. Promising beginnings.

Sep 8, 2009

Kitty News

So in kitty news: Julius has been missing for a while now. Maybe I'm just a terrible cat mother? It's even more devastating than Lyric missing. Trevor and I have had Julius since before we were married. With his big lion paws and soft proud chest. I love Julius.

But we have acquired a new kitten. He is gray and white with black-man-hair-texture fur and a serious face. His name is Fidel. And he and Tiberius have kitten battles all day long and are great pals. I love Fidel.

Tiberius is getting really big. I didn't realize until we got Fidel how he's turning into a little cat instead of a kitten. Tiberius is at least twice as big as Fidel. He's getting close to cat puberty, so it's time to get the little guy neutered. We have an appointment for next Monday. I love Tiberius.

Sep 3, 2009

Coming Soon...

I promised Trapper that I would post yesterday and didn't, so I'm a terrible person. Every blogger has that person who is their "you need to post again" conscience, and Trapper is mine.

The excuses: I'm too busy to post at work and I rarely get computer time at home.

But it'll happen. Some sort of new post. The first step is recognizing you have a problem so I've at least gotten that far.