Sep 20, 2009

Twitter Post

Each bullet point contains 140 characters or less:
  • I feel like an old fogey when people talk about Twitter. "Who needs/wants that kind of new-fangled I'm-so-in-touch-ness?
  • The commercials for Apple Jacks where the main point was "They don't taste like apples?": Did those convince anyone to buy Apple Jacks?
  • Long ago, a French class spent a day listening to NPR so Mme Sacco could hear her name as a donor. Only time I enjoyed pledge drive season.
  • Becca, upon meeting Fidel: "Perfect name! He looks just like the cat from Pinocchio!" The cat from Pinocchio's name: Figaro. Silence from me.
  • Even in this format, It's hard to avoid bullet points like "Mm...pop tart" or "It sure is hot for September". Update for the sake of update.
  • Am I a terrible person if I give a good reference for an employee because I want him to get a new job so I don't have to deal with him?
  • Science Friday is the worst day of the week.
  • Limiting to 140 characters is harder than expected. But still a fun challenge. And I have yet to use "4" for "for" or any of that crap.
  • The editing skills I'm practicing will help with writing [Next Great American Novel]. My Biggest Writing Weakness: I'm an over-explain-er.
  • Though sometimes things are lost in the quest for ≤140 characters. I really wanted to use the phrase "predilection for over-explanation" in the last one, but couldn't make it fit.
  • And now, of course, I'm cheating by stringing "tweets" together that would normally be in the same paragraph.

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dispatchfromoz said...

um, i love science friday.