Sep 8, 2009

Kitty News

So in kitty news: Julius has been missing for a while now. Maybe I'm just a terrible cat mother? It's even more devastating than Lyric missing. Trevor and I have had Julius since before we were married. With his big lion paws and soft proud chest. I love Julius.

But we have acquired a new kitten. He is gray and white with black-man-hair-texture fur and a serious face. His name is Fidel. And he and Tiberius have kitten battles all day long and are great pals. I love Fidel.

Tiberius is getting really big. I didn't realize until we got Fidel how he's turning into a little cat instead of a kitten. Tiberius is at least twice as big as Fidel. He's getting close to cat puberty, so it's time to get the little guy neutered. We have an appointment for next Monday. I love Tiberius.


Trapper said...

Snip the tip!

Steff said...

Is there a catnapper in your neighborhood or something?

Post some pics Tiberius and Fidel :)