Jan 14, 2009

They call me quiet; but I'm a riot.

Quick update since it's been a couple weeks:

1. Jan 12th was mine and Trevor's one year anniversary. It's really odd that it has already been a year, except for the fact that it's hard to remember life before I was married. We were both horribly ill on anniversary day, so we missed work and scrapped any plans to go out for a romantic evening. We were just sick together and played WoW (I have my own computer and WoW account now, so we can play at the same time, hooray!) and watched stuff on Hulu and we ordered a pizza and it was kind of great in it's own way.

2. I've had the song below stuck in my head for approximately one week now. I wasn't super impressed when I first heard it, but somehow during this time I have unwillingly spent with the thing, it has really grown on me.

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