Jan 27, 2009

I <3 Nurds.

Last night I was reading an article about Dr. Seuss and apparently the first record of the word "nerd" comes from If I Ran the Zoo. This obviously spurred a research venture into the etymology of the word. And the reason I love nerds so much: they write incredibly well-researched articles (like this) about things like the etymology of "nerd", apparently simply for fun, and share them with the world via the internet. Thank you, nerds of the world.


Valerie said...

You're kidding me. I was so going to post something about this when I found out about it a week and a half ago. But then I went into labor.

Andrea said...

Tell little James that I owe him one.

Ellie said...

OH man...I am so glad you found my blog because I just spent a very entertaining 20 minutes reading yours. I'm adding you to my bloglist!