Jan 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I would say that one of the greatest tributes to our president's greatness* is the fact that at work this morning, while making calls to people who are getting $300 loans from a web-based payday loan company (aka people who are not the most well-off, educated, or politically aware), I could hear Barack Obama's voice going in the background of the vast majority of households. I asked a few about it and could hear the optimism in their voices as they discussed how proud of their country they are. "I voted for him myself," "He is the man to help us out of the mess the country is in," etc. And I know it's getting to the point of cliche these days, but I still love it: "Yes We Can." It is a bright day.

*I do realize, Mr. Cynical, that this greatness has not been tested with time and obviously there will be disappointments as Obama and his team are not going to be able to solve every problem, but please allow me this day, at least, to believe in hope and change and goodness in my country. And, even you can admit, it is refreshing to be free of that little bit of embarrassment that would come over you and the rest of us whenever someone mentioned the President of the United States over the last few years.

Also, you should all know that I got 100% right on the Inaugural ball gowns quiz on CNN (with no cheating whatsoever). Booyah!

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