Nov 18, 2008

Why My Husband Is The Best

Trevor, looking sadly at the computer: You didn't write a new blog post.
Me: No, I haven't.
Trevor, looking sadly at me: Don't you love me at all?

In an effort to prove to my husband (who apparently takes the frequency of my posts more seriously than I ever thought) that I do in fact love him, here is a post. And to strengthen the argument past breaking, this post will be about how much I love him. So take this, Trev:

(I apologize in advance to those that get uncomfortable when things get mushy.)

Reasons I Love Trevor, My Darling Husband
  • I've never been told so many times that I am pretty, smart, fun, ect. He's always overflowing with compliments and I feel like the most beautiful, appreciated woman in the world when I'm with him.
  • When I ask him in the morning if he wants the sugary cereal du jour or Grape-Nuts for breakfast, nine times out of ten he picks Grape-Nuts because he takes his fiber intake very seriously, even though, as we all know, Grape-Nuts is basically a discussion on 18th century European economics in your mouth. But he never judges me for choosing Fruity Pebbles for myself.
  • He loves our cats as much as I do. This means a lot.
  • He makes me laugh. He can still catch me off-guard quite often and we just have a grand time.
  • When someone around us makes a grammatical or logical error, we always look at each other and know exactly what the other person is thinking.
  • He gets really excited about things that he likes. His whole body lights up when a song he likes comes on or when he sees a toy/gadget he likes at the store. He lives his life with such a passion that it's never boring to be around him.
  • He thinks nearly every woman is beautiful. It used to make me jealous somewhat when he'd comment about some random girl on the bus, "She has sexy hair," or about some friend of mine "She looks really good in that dress," but as time has gone on and I've grown more secure, I've realized that it's just good old-fashioned appreciation of beauty, and I admire his ability to find the attractive in everyone. And I love to see the smiles when he compliments my friends or mother or sisters on how they look.
  • He has the cutest dimples. This was one of the first things I ever noticed about him and also the first thing my mother said to me about him when she met him. I want to kiss his cheeks all the time.
  • He's a very generous person. He gets excited when he has an opportunity to help someone. He's the sort who always tries to give something to the homeless person, or go out of his way to walk a lost person home, or make a point to say something nice to the gloomy-looking person. He's always on the lookout for ways to be helpful and is a huge example to me in that regard.
  • Often when I'm falling asleep at night, Trevor will cuddle up to me and whisper a line from a children's book in the sweetest, cutest voice of all time: "Hush,'s sleepytime for kittens."
  • He puts a good deal of time and thought into grooming and dressing himself.
  • When we disagree about something, he still repsects my opinion and tries to make sure he understands why I feel/believe the way I do.


Anonymous said...

My husband is still the best, but I love Trevor too!

Trev said...

I told her I'd untie her from the desk when she finished writing this post.