Aug 12, 2008

Musings on McDonald's

My husband and I eat at McDonald's fairly often. It's delicious and cheap and fast and I don't care if you judge me because we're both pretty healthy, so whatever. The great thing about living in the United States is, you're never farther away than a five-minute drive from a McDonald's. It's just convenient all around. We love going to have our "pies and fries", a term coined while thinking "this will be a great little family phrase; oh, how our future children will love having 'pies and fries' at McDonald's after going to the pool or as part as family home evening or some such." But in reality, we don't need children around to get excited about it. Oftentimes we'll be sitting around contemplating what to do with our lives and "Can we please have pies and fries?" Trev will ask me in his cutest voice. "Pies and fries! Hooray!" I will yell with glee. And we're speeding down the street with grins on our faces. Oh the happiness that can be purchased for $3!

However, I've noticed something fishy about their drink prices of late. They are as follows:

Small - $1.00
Medium - $1.44
Large - $1.69
Extra Large - $.99

I don't think there's much excuse for this kind of pricing behavior, but was willing to forgive them, because the extra large drink is so economical. It's low-price to begin with and then take into account that it easily satisfies two people, and you're looking at a terrific deal. A beverage for a mere $.495 is pretty decent (granted, you have to have someone around you don't mind sharing germs with, but that is what husbands are for).

However, my forgiveness for ridiculous pricing was squashed yesterday when I had the following conversation with a McDonald's employee:

Me: Would it be possible for me to have an extra large drink in a medium cup?
Employee: I'm sorry, that's not possible.
Me: I just want the cheaper price, but the extra large drink is huge.
Employee: Would you like a medium, then?
Me: No! I'm not paying an extra 45 cents for less product.
Employee: I'm sorry, we're just not allowed.
Me: Well could you maybe give me an extra large drink for 99 cents, but only fill it up halfway?
Employee: I don't have a button for that...hold on let me ask someone.
Me: Don't worry about it, just give me the extra large drink. No ice. Thanks.

I always order no ice because the beverages come out plenty cold and I don't want to waste the precious paid-for cup space with ice. I didn't realize until later that worrying about that is kind of absurd. I drank maybe a third of that drink.


James said...

no free refills? I'm confused...

Andrea said...

I pretty much only do drive-thru, so yeah, no refills.