Aug 22, 2008

Also (in case a certain person named Emilee Haines isn't convinced)

I have a pet in WoW. It is called "Silver Tabby" and it looks like this. That's right...exactly like a baby white tiger. If I let him out of his carrier, he will follow me all over the world. Thank you, crazy cat lady in Elwynn (a forest that in my mind is named after Ellie Wynn)! I owe so much to you.

Now I just wish that when I write emotes like "Andiera rubs her face in Silver Tabby's tummy while he purrs," that it would actually happen on the screen, but I guess you guys at Blizzard don't think this is an important enough emote to have a function for. I mean come on guys, if I write "Andiera waves to Cleona," it actually happens, and that's far less important than making sure your pets know how much you love them. Maybe you could add it when Wrath of the Lich King comes out? Please? I said "please", dang it! What do you mean I should be playing Sims or some game that cares?

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emilee said...

oh, the little dear... and only because i love you:)