Mar 26, 2008


Musings on my Trident spearmint gum:
  1. The label proudly declares "Now with Xylitol!" Now perhaps I'm a moron, but I definitely had to look up what the heck xylitol was in order to know why that was so great. It sounds toxic. I hate advertising like that, because you know that the average gum consumer isn't going to know what the heck it is, but they'll figure that since they have it written on the label, "it must be something good, so I should buy that". It's like when shampoos say "pH-balanced" on the label. All it means is that the shampoo isn't going to eat away your scalp and has a normal pH. Every shampoo is pH-balanced or nobody would use it, it's not something to be way proud of. But it sounds impressive. I hate that.
  2. I know I won't be able to adequately describe why this is the case, but the new EZ-Close-Pack was really difficult to figure out. Buy a package of Trident gum and you'll see what I mean.
In other news:
  1. I finally got around to officially changing my name to my married name on Monday. It feels good. Plus now I can set up direct deposit again (my bank account is in my married name, but my work won't write me a check to that name without documentation), which is so much better than the usual method of having a large check in my purse for days doing no good while the bank account dips dangerously low and then eventually giving in and taking the hour to walk to the bank during lunch.
  2. We did a personality-type quiz in our department and then had a discussion about what each personality can contribute to the team in a meeting yesterday. Apparently I'm INFP. After reading the profile for this personality-type, I was like "Yep, that's definitely me," but I sometimes wonder if these sorts of things are really no more than a step above Horoscopes. Everyone has aspects of each personality-type in them, and the descriptions are all vague enough that you see yourself in whatever you end up with. Because when I read a profile of a Scorpio, I sit there and think "Yep, that's definitely me," as well.

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