Mar 4, 2008

Getting Old

The other day Trevor, Trapper and I were sitting around talking, as we often do, when suddenly we came to the realization that we were having an in-depth conversation about car loans. And we all cared a lot about the conversation. At this moment, we knew we were old.

Today when I came to my desk after lunch, I became quite excited when I discovered that HR had given me a large stack of papers explaining my insurance policy options. I've been counting down the days when I'll be eligible for health insurance through the company. I realized again: I am old.

Old people talk about their mortgages. I talk about fashion trends. Old people talk about tax deductions. I talk about rock music. Old people talk about the pros and cons of buying land. I talk about celebrities' lives and play video games and support radical political candidates and have lots of sex and watch scary movies and play outrageous pranks on people, I should get that gas bill paid and look into ways to reduce the amount we use next month. And it's over.

I never expected to get old. I didn't want it to happen. It looks so boring. Though, of course, I'm actually simply growing into a new stage of old. I remember thinking you reach old at the point when you start watching the news and liking it, but then I started liking it at sixteen and decided I was still definitely not old.

Let's just hope that I never reach the stage of old that means me and my friends just sit around and talk about our medical problems.


Anonymous said...

andrea, we already do that!

Rachael said...

I think I'm old too. Yuck. Old people are boring. :( Except us. We're cool old people.

elbailandosol said...

Ang, have I told you about this popping sound that comes from my left knee every time I take a step? :-D

Anonymous said...

i feel old and young at the same time...and that is a scary thing! i guess i should try to embrace the inevitable, but i don't want to...just yet.