Mar 12, 2008

High-Low to Mexico

Another rant about how dumb some people are:

The radio station we have been listening to lately in the office has had this contest going called "High-Low to Mexico". The hosts have a jar of Swedish fish and people call in and guess how many are in there. The radio host will then say if the guess is too high or too low so the field would be narrowed down and eventually someone will guess the exact amount in there and win an exotic fishing trip in La Paz, Mexico. The guesses are posted on the station's website, so you don't have to listen to the station 24/7 to get the correct answer.

Being the person that I am (easily distracted from work and loving number games), I've followed this game religiously. Whenever a new guess is made, I'll say quietly to myself, "The odds of winning are now 1:183. If I were guessing, I'd pick the exact middle one which would now be 1430 (rounded to the nearest whole even number), because that'll cut the odds in half for next time."

You may ask why I would bother cutting the odds in half just so it would be easier for whoever guesses after me (I assume this because two of my coworkers asked me this). Three reasons: 1) There would be a slight chance that I would be caller #93 again and I'd be improving the odds for myself at that point, 2) I can't stand a lack of efficiency in nearly anything, and 3) If you have a 1:183 chance of getting it no matter what you pick, you might as well help out the next guy...then it's a trip to Mexico won for humanity, teamwork, charity, the American way...yeah, they didn't buy it either.

Unfortunately, most people apparently don't think like I do about this game. This is the actual guess tally from the station's website (aka What's wrong with this picture?):


Yes, a full third of the guesses to-date are outside of the already-set parameters. And now a conversation heard this morning:

Radio Personality: Are you ready to play High-Low to Mexico?

Listener: Yeah!

R: Have you been keeping track of the guesses so far on our website? (translation: Please don't be another one of those that doesn't get us any closer; I'm getting tired of this.
It's depressing to be finding out this way how low the intelligence level of my listeners is.)

L: Not really, I heard a couple of the guesses yesterday...

R: Well, listen here, I like you, you sound nice and chipper this morning (translation: I can't handle another of these), so I'm going to give you a hint. So far, we've narrowed down the guesses to something between 1339 and 1552.

L: Oh really? Okay, well my guess is...1301.

Did I mention this was a country music station?


Rachael said...

Hey, I listen to country music stations! I take offense! I totally would have guessed within the current limits. Of course, I also pay attention, listen to directions, read massive amounts of books, and vote liberal (at least relatively speaking), so maybe all that balances the ills of country music.

elbailandosol said...

::Slaps forehead with palm of hand::



Rachael, I am sorry, you are not representative of the typical country music listener.