Feb 1, 2008

Goal-Breaking and Something Completely Unrelated

I just realized that the last three posts here are me-getting-married-related. This drives me farther from two important goals in my life:

1) To keep my blog interesting by posting about a variety of topics; stay away from "so, this is what's going on in my life" attitude and be more of a "this is something interesting to me and I hope it's interesting to you, too, and it may or may not be relevant to anything, but it may also be crucially relevant to something important in my life or your life or the world, and I hope you like it, but it's okay if you don't because I wrote this to explore something for myself" attitude.

2) To not sound anything like the new payroll person at work. She was married five months ago and it is ALL she ever talks about. I was married three weeks ago, but realize that beyond the details I have already shared with the department, nobody cares.

On a completely unrelated note, Utah Transit Authority busses all have a sign under the money receiver that says "Transfers Issued 'ONLY' Upon Payment". Is it just me, or do the quotes around the "ONLY" (which I assume are meant to emphasize the word) do anything but emphasize it and might as well be the bus driver bending two sets of two fingers in the universally recognized hand symbol for "don't take this seriously" and winking? It drives me nuts.


Rachael said...

First of all, I, for one, love finding out what's going on in your life. We don't talk enough. The end.

Second, I once stumbled across a website (or maybe it was a flickr group) devoted to extraneous punctuation, as in the case of the "only" on the UTA buses. I found it hilarious. I'll see if I can find it again.

Rachael said...

Found it! Already!


betty said...

congratulations on being married...wow, time flies!!!

good luck with everythinG!!!

Trev said...

That website is a true work of genius. Also, I would like if this blog was entirely devoted to topics that were only about me. But that might be just me. I doubt it, but it might.